Aging In Place CareGiving Services- Elderly care


“Life enrichment caregivers alleviating stress, restoring hope, joy & independence at home for you and your loved ones”

Everything you need to support you in your efforts as a family caregiver

Medical/Clinical Services

Care Coordination/Care Management Memory Care Service Post Hospitalization Recover/Care Transition Care Movement Disorders/Neuromuscular...

Non-Medical Services

Home Making / Companion Care Personal Care Live-In Service Respite Care Palliative / Hospice Care Medication Management  

Benefits of Aging in Place for our loved ones

The cost of care at home is much more affordable and economical: Growing and Aging in place for our loved ones is cheaper and affordable as it does not entail unnecessarily overhead business management expenses. When receiving Caregiving Services at home, your loved ones are paying for a customized Caregiver service that will address their specific needs, as such spending only on the number of hours they really need.

Self-control & being comfortable goes a very long way: When aging in place in the comfort of their homes, our aging loved ones feel more empowered as they maintain control of their independence, and have a greater sense of dignity and self-worth over their life.

The comfort of one’s home should not be underrated. The familiar environment brings peace & calmness, it promotes and give ample opportunity for continuous growth of family memories and bonding, and it decreases safety related issues such as falls

On the other hand, a change of environment for them will bring upon confusion, agitation, sadness, health decline, increase falls and of course stress to members in the family.

The overall cost of running facilities such as Nursing homes, Assisted Living facilities 24/7 are much greater, as such the reason for the higher cost of care provided.

Mission Statement

We Empower! graceful aging in place. As such the concept behind our company’s name “Aging In Place Caregiving Services.We are able to empower our clients because of our philosophy of care

“We belief that we are all life enrichment caregivers alleviating stress, restoring hope, joy and independence at home for our clients and their loved ones, as such leaving them empowered to live a better quality of life”.

Vision Statement

To alleviate stress & empower to restore hope, joy, independence, & better quality of life while gracefully aging in place at home.

We've been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.