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How To Make Care Arrangements For Your Loved One.

By: Dr. Fonya Atabong

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As our loved ones starts aging and progressively becomes frail, they find it difficult to perform some or all of these basic activities of daily living tasks due to challenges from chronic illnesses. On a normal basis, these activities are performed independently. As such they may require a few hours or 24 hours of caregiving assistance.

Knowing how to provide care and where to provide care to your loved one is a big decision that most primary caregivers are faced with. Deciding whether to care for them at home OR to move them to a facility is usually difficult especially when memory loss in involved.

Here are some tips to help you determine care preferences which will allow you to decide whether your loved one will remain in the comfort of their home or go to a facility.

  • Carry out a care planning session which pretty much involves your parents voice and their preference for care, not yours. During this process, you want to know:

  1. their preference for future care providers (family, friends, in-home agency, facility/retirement community etc.)

  2. their preference for future care setting (their home, family member’s home, facility/retirement community etc.)

  3. their preference for other care recipients such as spouse or partner

After your care planning session, utilize the answers and contact a care manager, social worker, health advisor, nurse consultant etc. for help in setting up care for your loved one.

Remember, knowledge is power. The more you know the better caregiver you will be for your loved ones.

Feel free to book a free consultation with us regarding care and assistance with your loved one’s.

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